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Stacy Lee Flury Recommendations

Submitted by Elim Fellowship on 06/30/2023

Connie J. Schaeffer ; Pastor, Counselor, Author

On Topic

I have personally known Stacy for over two decades as a friend and fellow counselor. I have witnessed her challenging journey raising teens in crisis first hand. I observed how she leaned into Jesus as her hope and anchor every time trouble came calling. Stacy is a gifted, authentic, and anointed writer and speaker who learned how to apply Scripture to each heartbreaking situation that arose. She conveys to her audience truth, spoken in love, along with grace to challenging and relevant topics. I highly recommend her for small or large ministry venues.

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Christine Strittmatter

I highly recommend Stacy Flurry as a speaker. She’s written an informative book to help parents with teens who are struggling with emotional turmoil. Stacy is eager and able to minister regarding this topic as she’s lived with it and through it personally.

Submitted by Christine Strittmatter on 08/23/2023

Trish Weldon. Women’s Ministry Leader and author

From the time you meet Stacy, her gentle and compassionate nature embraces you like a warm hug from a friend. 
Stacy understands a parent’s aching heart, for she too has been there; praying, weeping and learning to stand strong on the battlefield for her own child and family. She speaks openly and honestly of her own journey- about battles won as well as battles not yet won. She inspires and encourages the hurting parent and family to above all else, trust in our Lord Jesus. 

I’ve known Stacy for years as a writer, speaker and friend. Her faith journey has been inspiring to all around her. Her award winning book , “Turning the tide of emotional turbulence: Devotions for parents of teens in crisis,” is a wonderful resource that I would highly recommend. You would be blessed to have her as a speaker at your event. 

Submitted by Assembly Of God Church on 08/07/2023

Linda Slomin

Stacy is relatable and holds nothing back for the sake of her readers. She understands what it is like to hurt and how to get through her trials victoriously by clinging to God's word. And she shows her reader how to do the same. After reading her book or hearing her speak you will feel that you are not alone and that you've just met someone who deeply knows Jesus.

Submitted by Licensed Professional Counselor on 08/06/2023

Ruth Carroll, Photographer

I have had the privilege of working with Stacy as well as being by her side as a Christian friend. She is an amazing woman to say the least. She has delt with several trials, any of them in itself might be enough to crash anyone down in their walk with the Lord. Her ways of handling life situations are one to be looked up to. She is human and falls but cries out to the Lord for grace and mercy to brush off her knees and continue the race. I am proud to be her friend and stand by her in her push to help others deal with the difficulties faced in raising troubled children. Her words are elegant and filled with knowledge from the Lord. She is NOT judgmental but will guide you to repentance if necessary. Most importantly, her words are filled with love and kindness for all no matter where you are in your walk with the Lord.

Submitted by Ruth Nyce Photography on 06/04/2023

Marlene Bagnull, Author and Director

I have known Stacy for probably twenty years and have watched her live her faith and impact others through her testimony. She has gone through the fire and emerged shining even more brightly for the Lord.

Submitted by Write His Answer Ministries on 06/02/2023

Dr. MaryAnn Diorio, Certified Life Coach, Certified Behavioral Consultant, and Certified Biblical Counselor

Stacy Flury knows whereof she speaks and writes. An expert in helping parents of children in crisis, she offers hope, compassion, and sound Biblical counsel for hurting parents who may not know what to do or where to turn.

Dr. MaryAnn Diorio, Certified Life Coach, Certified Behavioral Consultant, and Certified Biblical Counselor

Submitted by Stacy Lee Flury on 06/02/2023

Janice Heck, Co-author with Bob Chaplain of Triumph Over Terror: Ground Zero and ADHD: You've Got My Attention.

As a parent who years ago struggled through the difficult years of a troubled teenager, I welcomed this book. It is straightforward and honest. A teenager's emotional behavior affects the whole family. The turmoil, at times, can be strangling. Stacy Lee Flury tells her story with quality writing and attention to detail. She touches on all the emotional elements that affect parents' lives when a child goes astray. The story is heart-breaking--yet Stacy brings hope to the broken-hearted. She tells her story by identifying 45 typical emotional reactions, then tailors her hope-filled response to each situation. Anger, disappointment, Facades, Pride, Rejection, and so many more. She touches on them all. Her book and speaking would be useful for parents, teachers, counselors or anyone working with teens in crisis.
Janice Heck, Co-author with Bob Chaplain of Triumph Over Terror: Ground Zero and ADHD: You've Got My Attention.

Submitted by Stacy Lee Flury on 06/02/2023