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Sharon Riddle Recommendations

Submitted by Olive Branch Community Church on 11/02/2015

Jean Brown, Office Administrator

On Topic

Every time I am taught by Sharon, whether in an intimate Bible study, at a large group event or sitting alone reading one of her books on prayer, I am challenged, inspired and equipped to draw closer to my Lord and Savior. Her messages are always fresh from the Lord, always steeped in the Bible and always lived out in her life. Sharon is very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and she will be very sensitive to the particular needs of your group.

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Julie Reagan

Sharon is a beautiful speaker. Wisdom is on her tongue! She spoke at a leader training and encouraged us with a well thought out message, tangible advice, had professional hand outs. She also spoke at a ladies coffee on prayer. Her message was full of heart and faith. She spoke of Gods faithfulness and power of prayer. I highly recommend Sharon her messages are sweet, authentic, memorable and full of Scripture.

Submitted by Oakwood Womens Ministry on 02/27/2019

Rebecca Velez

Sharon is an excellent teacher who quotes and lives the Scriptures hidden in her heart. Months ago she made a statement about Lazarus and his sisters that I'm still clinging to: "Don't settle for a healing when you can have a resurrection." She bathes her listeners and events in prayer just as she advocates in her books. Sharon shares her life experiences in a sisterly way that comforts and encourages.

Submitted by Oakwood Baptist Church on 01/14/2016

Joyce Stmih, President

I would like to recommend Sharon Riddle as an outstanding communicator, loyal friend, excellent teacher, musician, and author. These are only a few of her amazing God given gifts and talents. Sharon is a woman of prayer and she is an inspiration to any arena she participates in. Sharon Riddle would be an asset to any endeavor or position she may be called to serve in.

Submitted by Prayer Force on 11/16/2015

Roxi Vanstory

Sharon is a wonderful person and even better teacher and speaker. Her classes are always well attended and our women respect her greatly. Sweet spirit and it shows in all she undertakes! We use her often!

Submitted by Oakwood Baptist Church on 11/02/2015

Della Stevens, Creative Director

Sharon is a genuine woman of God that I have the pleasure of serving with at our local church. She has a deep and loving relationship with the Lord, and she has a natural gift of sharing her faith through teaching and speaking. The Lord Jesus shines brightly through Sharon Riddle!

Submitted by Oakwood Church on 11/02/2015

Ray Still, Senior Pastor

It has been my privilege to be Sharon Riddle’s pastor for a number of years. I have always been impressed with the depth of her spiritual life. She is a remarkable Christian lady that should be welcomed to speak into the hearts and lives of others. She is truly a lady who walks with the Lord Jesus.

Submitted by Oakwood Baptist Church on 11/02/2015

Eva Sunderlin, Women's Retreat Coordinator

We had the pleasure of having Sharon Riddle be our main speaker at the 2007 Free Methodist Women's Ministries International - Arizona Conference Women's Retreat. She spoke with enthusiasm and personal experiences that made her "real" to the women of all age groups. She was lively, dynamic, & entertaining! Her teachings really hit home with our ladies. We enjoyed her humor & stories - she adds fun & excitement through her teachings while capturing the true relevance of God in our lives. Sharon was a God send! She was lively, well-spoken & full of practical application of living Godly in today's world. Excellent! I highly recommend Sharon if you want someone who can inspire and motivate women to seek a closer, moreintimate relationship with their Lord! The ladies so enjoyed her! Hearts were touched & lives were changed!

Submitted by Free Methodist Churches Of Arizona on 11/02/2015

Greg Sumii, Director of Pastoral Care

I know Sharon Riddle to be a woman of prayer. As a veteran prayer warrior, her experience is dynamic and practical. Her writing style reflects her humor and down-to-earth personality. You will be refreshed by her transparency and teachings. It will inspire you toward deeper prayer

Submitted by Southern Baptist Convention - California on 11/02/2015

Dr. Richard And Rita Tate, Founders

Rita and I have encouraged Sharon Riddle to share with the world her insights and understanding about the deeper prayer.

Submitted by Family Solutions, Inc. on 11/02/2015