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Jill Evans Recommendations

Submitted by EF High School Exchange Year on 06/01/2022

Cecilia McCloud

On Topic

Jill is a very compassionate and caring person. She makes you feel comfortable right away. She is authentic and Biblical. She is trustworthy and true to her word.

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Christy Sesseman

Jill Evans is a great speaker. She is filled with the spirit and word of the Lord. She speaks about things that are important to life today and living a life close to God. She lives her life and is a good stong Christian example.

Submitted by Christy Sesseman on 06/05/2022

Annette Huddleston

Jill and i have known each other for over 30 years. She has always been strong in her faith and has always looked for ways to share her faith with others. Her love of God is sincere. She has shared her fellowship with others in foreign countries as well as locally. Her faith is her light and she is glowing.

Submitted by Community, Hope, And Recovery on 06/04/2022