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Natalie Latzka

Christian Speaker
Prior Lake Minnesota 55372

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Finding evidence for faith

Finding evidence for faith

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Prior Lake, MN 55372
United States of America

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More About Natalie Latzka

Natalie Latzka, an attorney and self-proclaimed adventure junkie, presents an in-depth look at the evidence for Christianity, differentiating between influences she refers to as worldly "magnetic" north and the message of Jesus leading to true north.

Natalie Latzka has undertaken many challenging journeys. She quickly learned that climbing mountains and hiking remote rugged terrain were nothing compared to her journey to find “true north.”  

After graduating from law school at the age of twenty-four, starting a family and building a career, she thought she had strategically positioned herself for success in life. Instead, she found herself a single mother, bankrupt and emotionally and intellectually questioning her faith in God. 

After reexamining the faith she had trusted all her life, she came to the harsh realization it had led her in the direction of magnetic north. Natalie refers to magnetic north as everchanging worldly forces influenced by the desire for power and control; promising to lead followers in the direction of contentment, safety and truth, but ultimately leaving people feeling hopelessly lost in life. Even more disheartening was the realization that she had blindly followed those faith directions without questioning where they would lead her.  Lost and alone, she came to the conclusion that faith in God no longer made sense.  There was, however, one thing leaving her unsettled.  She had pointed her kids in the same direction and knew she owed them so much more. 

Determined to find the direction of truth, Natalie leveraged her skills as a career research attorney to find answers to difficult faith questions:

  • Is there evidence that God exists?  
  • Who is God?  
  • What does God want from me? 

During her seven-year journey she meticulously studied the issues and facts presented by cosmology, science, philosophy, archaeology and history. After weighing the evidence for herself she found life-changing answers that laid the foundation for a new way of life and pointed her in the direction she calls true north.

Natalie’s journey taught her to live life differently.   She now lives by the motto S.T.A.N.D and C.L.I.M.B. which reminds her of what she wants to do each day to live fully and intentionally connected to God’s kingdom. As a lifetime learner, Natalie continues to pursue her studies and has recently earned a Certificate in Christian Apologetics from Biola University’s Talbot School of Theology. Natalie documents her journey in her book released in July of 2021 entitled, Navigating True North.  Readers are invited along on her research journey detailing the evidence she found to support her faith in God and one she describes as leading her from a place of blind-faith to bold evidenced-based faith.  Based on the book, Natalie also has a series of presentation topics designed to encourage others to examine their own beliefs, challenges them to weigh the evidence for themselves and to make informed, reasoned decisions about their faith in God. Natalie leverages her background and two decades of experience as an attorney and professional trainer to make her presentations interesting and interactive as her friendly and reassuring personality encourages others to learn and grow with the content.

Natalie lives in Prior Lake, Minnesota with her husband Scott.  They have both recently left behind corporate careers to start a small contracting business together, build a future for their new blended family and to discover many new adventures as they navigate true north together.