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Danielle Bernock Recommendations

Submitted by Julie Kettles on 07/08/2022

Julie Kettles, Thrive Coach

On Topic

Danielle was one of my 24 speakers for my online summit I hosted in October 2021 called Thriving Thru Troubled Waters. I had her share her story, along with how survive, as well as thrive through it all. Just hearing part of her story and how she has overcome through it all definitely inspired me and the audience.

Danielle is clearly a thriver!

What I really appreciated about her is her huge love for people and her emphasis on the healing power of God's love!

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Vicki Napier

You could have heard a pin drop.. Danielle Captivated the audience within a matter of 2 minutes. Danielle spoke from the truth she lived. The truth so many others have lived but yet to be free from. Danielle gave such outstanding analogies.
Her smile along with the love you could feel because you matter was definitely in the room. I’m so honored be have been in the presence on a person whom chose to rise up and stand in the gap for others. I received ample amount of positive feedback from those who had attended.
I definitely will have Danielle back for another conference.

Submitted by The Joyful Journey Ministries on 11/19/2022

Niccie Kliegl

Danielle is a passionate speaker who uses her own survivor story to connect and inspire others toward a deeper level of love, unity, community, and healing. Her topics are timely, with churches and communities struggling to stay united she inspires healing from broken lives, families, churches, and communities with the power of love. Loving self and others God's way. Danielle would be an ideal speaker for churches and /r individuals who have or are going through big changes. Attendees will leave with new hope and action items for moving forward.

Submitted by Fulfill Your Legacy on 11/08/2022

Kirsten D Samuel, Coach

Danielle Bernock spoke at my live online event. Her presentation engaged the audience, sparked thoughtful questions, brought laughter along with God’s truth, and served my audience very well. I love collaborating with Danielle to serve women with painful pasts.

Submitted by Kirstendsamuel.com on 09/13/2022

Dr. Tony Colson - Author, Speaker, Coach

Danielle is a passionate speaker who brings life into the room. The insurmountable challenges that she has overcome couple with the joy of life creates an atmosphere of hope and expectancy for the listeners. Her story encourages others not to give up on theirs! I highly recommend Danielle for your organization.

Submitted by Greatness Makers on 08/22/2022

Michelle Weidenbenner, Author and Founder of Moms Letting Go

I've known Danielle for several years. I was in a mastermind group with her where I had the opportunity to hear her speak about trauma and how she overcome church hurt. She is a passionate speaker who cares about her audience's experience and takeaway. She aims to serve others. She's one of the most committed and loyal women I know.

Submitted by Chief Hope Builders on 08/01/2022