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Tess Scott Recommendations

Submitted by Canadian Christian Police Ministry on 09/19/2023

Jenn Claus, Ministry Director

On Topic

Tess brings an authentic and genuine spirit to her platform. Her confidence and light humour engage the audience and draws them into a feeling of having a coffee side chat with their best friend. Tess's session and book at the spouse break out time of our annual 10-7 retreat was a blessing.

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Deve Persad

With authenticity, vulnerability and humourous insight rooted in biblical truth, Tess provides an engaging and encouraging experience for her audience.  The preparation for our event was seamless and the impact was long lasting.  For a speaker that brings the humble evidence of Gods grace through her life, I’d recommend Tess!

Submitted by Sarnia Emc on 09/10/2023

Val Cressman -Women's Ministry Leader

With so many incredibly talented speakers out there, why Tess Scott? Well, I'm so glad you asked. Tess has an incredible way of immediately engaging any audience. She is hilarious. She is real, very authentic, vulnerable, and the most important part of what Tess can bring to any event is the ability to use all that life has thrown her way. She takes an audience through that journey of laughing and experiencing these stories with her, and then points them to Jesus. So, if you're looking for an incredible speaker who can relate with your audience in unique and very real, authentic ways, Tess Scott is your girl.

Submitted by Bluewater Church on 08/28/2023

Debbie REDICK, volunteer

Tess is delightful and engaging. She brings a message of hope and faith that women of all ages can readily relate to.  She has an incredible sense of humour and will have you laughing throughout. I highly recommend Tess for any women’s gathering/conference. You will not be disappointed!

Submitted by Gianna Home on 08/25/2023

Crystal Singbeil

We had Tess Scott speak at our Women’s Night Out and she was amazing. She is down to earth and real and so helpful for the ladies and such a blessing to us. I would highly recommend having her.

Submitted by Temple Baptist Church, Sarnia, Ontario on 08/25/2023