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Kathy Bruins

Christian Speaker
Christian Woman Speaker at The Well Ministry for Creatives
HOLLAND Michigan 49424

Rated 5/5 (3 Recommendations)
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God is calling his creatives together to make an impact on the kingdom.

God is calling his creatives together to make an impact on the kingdom.

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Name The Well Ministry for Creatives
Position Christian Woman Speaker
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United States of America

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More About Kathy Bruins

I love to encourage people. I believe it is a win-win situation.

Kathy Bruins

Kathy Bruins is an award-winning writer who helps creatives take the next step in their journey through consultation, teaching, coaching, and praying. Kathy has a freelance business and is the founder of The Well Ministries for Christian Creatives. She is the CEO of The Well Publishers. Prayer is important to Kathy. She has led many organizations in corporate prayer. Kathy served as President of Word Weavers, West Michigan for 10 years. Her speaking topics include faith, leadership, prayer, and writing topics. She also has created for women Spiritual Spa Day and for young ladies (elementary age) A Princess Tea Time. Specialized teachings include The Book Proposal Studio, One Sheet Studio, Mind Mapping and other helpful writing workshops.  Kathy’s newest book is written along with Osara Edosa Ogbewe entitled Essential Keys for Marital Success: Short & Sweet Inspirations. Contact her at kbruins77@gmail.com or through seeyouatthewell.net or writingbybruins.com.

Kathy Bruins Recommendations

Submitted by First Presbyterian Church Of Hastings on Thursday, Feb 23, 2023

MaryMartha Melenday, Director Of Adult Ministries

"We are still in the 'afterglow' of the wonderful Spiritual Spa Day the women of our church experienced under your guidance and leadership...I can't remember when such an event has had such fantastic response...women are still talking about it! "

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Submitted by Grace Community Church on Monday, Dec 26, 2022

Rev. Aaron Anderson, Pastor

“Kathy’s words are like an experienced guide helping her listeners navigate the intersection between faith and life.”

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  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

Submitted by Reformed Church In America on Wednesday, Sep 14, 2022

Ellen Ratmeyer, Coord. Of Consistory Training And Ministry Services

"Kathy's creative gifts of writing, facilitating and leading groups are grounded in a spirituality which can best be described as faithful. Her quiet and gentle spirit provide a safe place for story and faith sharing. She is grounded in a life of prayer and brings her own experiences to her leadership. I especially appreciate Kathy's wonderful sense of humor which she carries with a spirit of compassion and grace. It's always a delight to work with her. "

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Kathy Bruins Speaking Topics

Prayer ... It not just for dinner.

Growing in a prayer life is the most satisfying empowerment a person can experience. So why don't we do it? Learn how prayer can change your life, bring you closer to God and what...

What's in a Name?

This topic tells the importance and power of names ... positive or negative. What names or labels do we give ourselves or others and what has been given to us. Finding freedom and...

The Power of Piety

Piety has long been a word that had a negative connotation. Attendees will learn the true meaning of piety and how to give it all to God in their life. This talk is a part of the Spiritual...

The Freedom of Forgiveness

One of the hardest things to do as a Christian at times is to forgive. With the belief that it comes at a high cost, the scriptures tell us differently. Attendees will learn the true...

Mind Mapping for Hidden Treasure

You're excited about writing a book, script, or article, or perhaps you're putting together a new talk. Suddenly you realize you have few ideas or an abundance of them. Mind-Mapping...

Successful Writing Collaboration

Being a ghostwriter/collaborator has its own set of challenges in thewriting process. Learn from Kathy Bruins how to make the process run smoothly. She has been aghostwriter/collaborator...

Creating a Drama Team for your Church

This workshop will equip those interested in applying drama to their worship services and other churchevents. Discussion will include the spiritual benefits of drama to both the congregation...

Writing Scripts for Church Use

Learn to write “real life” vignettes to use during worship services to enhance the message, or for otherchurch events. Drama is a visual that impacts congregations through...

The Book Proposal Studio

The BOOK PROPOSAL STUDIO is for writers in the process of preparing a book-length manuscript to present to agents or editors. Participants will work side by side with Kathy to create...

Posted by Kathy Bruins on 08/14/2018

Seeking the Holy of Holies

Comparison of the Old Testamemt tabernacle with the New Testament tabernacle ... us. Goal is for audience to desire reaching the Holy of Holies in our prayer life every time....

Posted by Kathy Bruins on 12/22/2015

Spiritual Spa Day for Girls - A Princess Tea Time

Girls from 1st-5th grade are invited to a time of talks about inner beauty and being God's princess. There will be a special tea time, craft, and spa moments where they have opportunity...

Posted by Kathy Bruins on 10/29/2015

Emotional Pockets

This is a presentation that can be short or long. It is about the emotions we encounter and what we can do with them. Biblical insights guide the way to process emotions to the point...

Posted by Kathy Bruins on 10/29/2015

A Spiritual Spa Day

This presentation has the theme of a spa where women will enjoy little spa features items like lotions, nail polish and such that the event host will acquire. The topics of the day...

Posted by Kathy Bruins on 10/29/2015

Kathy Bruins Events

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Kathy Bruins Resources

Naughty Kids

A short 3-4 minute talk for those who feel "too naughty" to receive God's love  ...

Posted by Kathy Bruins on 09/16/2021

Interview with Kathy Bruins

Interview with Kathy Bruins, Director of The Well Conference for Creatives....

Posted by Kathy Bruins on 02/01/2021