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Keli Hillier Recommendations

Submitted by Randy And Marli Ministries on 11/25/2022

Marli Brown/ Missionary/ Christian Speaker

On Topic

Keli Hillier will engage you as she unfolds the mysteries of how God saved her from depression, despair, financial ruin and marital misery. She is witty, real and transparent. Her honesty about meeting Jesus while balancing her Bible and a bowl of cookie dough will encourage you to trust Him more, love Him deeper and soar as a Daughter of the King!

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Alexandria Matthews

Keli is a dynamic speaker that delivers a message that is always relatable and honest.

Submitted by Member Of Ccc on 12/29/2023

Bonnie Rush, President

Keli & her daughter, Amber, are relaxed speakers and present as a conversation with each other rather than a lecture. They provided practical worksheets and explained how Keli used the worksheets and scripture to battle her depression and anxiety. We received many positive comments from attendees expressing appreciation for Keli's presentation. A blessing to work with Keli and Amber on this event.

Submitted by Lakewood Community Women on 09/18/2023

Deniese Krall

I have been blessed to hear Keli speak several times. She is dynamic, witty, compassionate and funny. Keli has the rare ability to make her audience laugh and cry at the same time. God has used her life experiences to make her discerning and relatable.

Submitted by Christian Author on 07/05/2023

Megan Rea Co-Founder Of No Small Life

With candid, down-to-earth style, Keli will capture your audience from the moment "go!" Her transparency is both relatable and engaging. Speaking for experience and hard-fought lessons of faith, she presents the gospel truth in such an authentic way. I challenge you NOT to receive from her powerful, humorous and gripping message.

Submitted by Nosmalllife.me on 03/01/2023

Terese Rea -Women’s Ministry Pastor

We hosted an ‘On Holy Ground’ Ladies event in November 2022. Keli and her daughter Amber shared their riveting story about Keli’s Covid experience. Included in their story was a ‘heavenly’ experience Keli had, when she actually died for several minutes. Their story was so filled with hope, and the incredible love and mercy of God. We laughed, we cried and we were truly inspired throughout the message. Keli is not only a wonderful communicator, she truly displays the character of Christ in her love for the women she ministers to. Not only was the event well attended, but lives women were encouraged and many lives were transformed because of her message. I would highly endorse Keli and the topic, ‘On Holy Ground’..

Submitted by Community Christian Church on 02/01/2023

Frances Black

We had atea at our church on October 1, 2022. We were very lucky to have Keli talked about her experience she had with COVID. She made clear thar God was watching over her and was by her side. Sheis a fabulous speaker. I look forward to having at our church again.

Submitted by Member Of New Haven Community Church on 01/06/2023

David Cummings, Executive Pastor

Keli Hillier is a woman of God, with a gift to share the goodness of the Lord with others. She is a seasoned believer who has journeyed through many life experiences, some very difficult, and has risen above them all through the grace of her God. She is a gifted speaker, who can weave applicable truths from God's word into the lives of others -- with passion, authenticity and humor. Keli is adept at connecting with her audience, and when she shares, she shares wisdom from her personal experience with the Lord and the scriptures. I know Keli personally to be an excellent follower of Christ with a beautiful family that serves others faithfully. I confidently recommend Keli as a speaker to any audience!

Submitted by Community Christian Church on 12/15/2022


Keli did an amazing job when she came to speak to our ladies at Advent By Candlelight. Not only was she heartfelt and funny, but she was incredibly easy to work with and answered any questions I had very quickly. I really enjoyed working with her and I had so many people reach out after the event to tell me how her message was just what God wanted them to hear!

Submitted by St. Michael on 12/14/2022

Kennedie Morgan

Keli never fails to encourage her spiritual family to seek the Lord first and foremost in their own lives. She shares her personal testimony with beautiful transparency and communicates biblical truths with unapologetic honesty. Her bubbly personality and great sense of humor instantly make you feel like family. Invite Keli to come minister to you and you will be deeply and genuinely encouraged.

Submitted by Christian Recording Artist on 12/06/2021

Melisa Hall

I had the pleasure of working with Keli and hearing her story at a women's Christmas brunch. From a planning and logistical standpoint, I appreciated that she was well prepared, flexible and easy to work with. Keli was engaging and connected with the women right away by being authentic and vulnerable. She brings humor to a personal story of brokenness. She loves Jesus and delights in sharing with others His love for us!

Submitted by Oakwood Community Church on 06/29/2021

Nancy Westhouse, co-chairman

Keli was the speaker for our Women’s Retreat. She was a passionate speaker who spoke her heart with transparency. We learned from her about spiritual warfare, how to study the Bible, praying scripture, breaking free from the mindset of defeat, and that God lives you and has a good life for you. She taught us through stories of her personal life as well as great handouts.

Throughout our retreat she personally interacted with each woman; eating with us, doing crafts with us, talking with the women during breaks and into the night. I personally recommend Keli.

Submitted by Friendship Christian Reformed Church on 03/15/2020

Cristy Brown, Women's Ministry Director

When we asked Keli to come and minister at our Women’s ministry Christmas party, we knew we’d be in for a treat. What we didn’t realize was that we would all end up loving her and even better, being spurred on in wanting more of God. With an honesty and vulnerability rarely seen these days, she clearly laid out the gospel and the story of her journey into a deep and abiding relationship with her savior. A wonderful communicator, she had us laughing, crying, gasping and relating. Keli has an ability to reach across all divides; socioeconomic, age, race and level of spiritual maturity. All were able to connect with her story and were encouraged in our faith. She will be a breath of fresh air for any ministry that she is able to share her gift with and I fully recommend.

Submitted by Christ Community Church, Roseville Mi on 01/07/2020

Ann Shar

Keli was a women’s small group leader for a Bible study that I attended during a very difficult time in my life. Her wisdom and support were so encouraging and uplifting for me. I think she’s fantastic and she has a great testimony!

Submitted by Community Christian Church on 06/12/2019

Shirley Valade

I attended one of Keli's conferences and was so encouraged! She did a wonderful job telling her story of hardship with authenticity and humor. She balanced that with scriptural principles that set her free. Keli loves the Lord and depends on His Word - that is obvious! She is a very expressive speaker and is enjoyable to listen to. You will be blessed by her ministry!

Submitted by Pastor's Wife For Prime Timers on 06/08/2019

Karlene Jacobsen, RN, Writer/Editor

I love Keli. She is passionate, real, and honest. I've never been disappointed, nor have I ever walked away wondering what she "meant by that." Even if I did have a question, Keli is approachable enough that I have confidence in asking her to clarify after her presentation.

Submitted by Freelance Writer/editor on 06/06/2019

Terese Rea Women's Ministry Pastor

We were so blessed to have Keli at our "Home--You Belong Here" Ladies luncheon on May 18th, 2019. Our event was multi-generational. Keli engaged, connected and inspired the women. She was well-prepared and Scripturally sound. The women absolutely loved her! Keli has a wonderful sense of humor, as well as the gift of story-telling, and was able to keep everyone's attention. I would highly recommend Keli for your ladies event.

Submitted by Community Christian Church on 06/06/2019

Kim Slowinski, Media Director

Keli Hillier is an articulate and engaging speaker who shares her personal testimony with candor, humility and grace. Her message is one of hope and victorious overcoming through the power of Jesus Christ. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a speaker and enthusiastically endorse her message of truth.

Submitted by Eye-opener Television on 06/05/2019

Blythe Bieber

What a joy and delight to spend a morning listening to Keli speak and share her heart in such an amazing and authentic way. Keli is genuine and joyful, wise and warm, humble and humorous! She knows, loves and uses the Word to encourage others. Jesus shines through her and His love is evident in her words of encouragement. She will be a blessing to all who hear her speak!

Submitted by Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church on 06/05/2019

Connie Bauer. Co-Founder

I would like to recommend Keli Hillier as a relatable, honest, funny and instructional speaker. Her vast life experience and openness in sharing her trials makes her someone that women warm up to immediately and someone that puts people at ease, in any walk of life. Her love for The Lord Jesus Christ and how she came into that love relationship with Him is inspiring and hope giving.

Submitted by Oasis Life Ministries on 12/17/2018

Adana Cengeri

Delightful. Refreshing. Authentic. Keli has a warm kind of wisdom that draws you in from the moment she begins to speak. Her wisdom is not an intellectual artifice, but borne out of hardship, deep wrestling, and sincere faith. Combine that wisdom with her winning personality and witty humor and you'll have an event to remember. She loves God and loves to equip women with Biblical truth. She should definitely be your first choice!!

Submitted by Community Christian Church on 11/16/2018

Michelle Franzen

I have had the pleasure of hearing Keli speak at a recent women’s event. It was a breathe of fresh air! She is so down to earth and real, she makes you feel like you’ve known her for years. Her humor lightened the serious and challenging message she delivered. She keeps you laughing and engaged. She encourages with compassion and you can sense has a sincere heart for women. I truly enjoyed hearing her speak and would recommend her for women’s conferences and events. This is a link to a recent interview that I heard Keli do on TV.

Submitted by Community Christian Church on 09/30/2018

Lori Militello Licensed Minister

I have heard Keli speak many times and each time I am amazed at the transparency, sincerity and also the great humor she presents! I have known her for over 20 years and can testify of her love for women, passion for ministry and heart for the things of God! I totally recommend her to speak at your next event!

Submitted by Women In Touch Ministries on 09/18/2018

Susan Meyer - Executive Director

Keli is an incredible teacher. Her passion for Jesus is woven throughout her presentation. God used her to engage broken and abused women into a journey towards healing and hope. Her message and heart embrace you and encourage you to join her on the "Jesus" journey! I recommend her to you as someone who will be an incredible asset to your women's event as she channels the Holy Spirit and is personal message to all your guests. You won't be sorry!

Submitted by Abigayle Ministries on 09/08/2018

Janet Love, a sinner who knows JESUS and wants nothing more but to love and serve HIM

I first met Keli when I attended a church I was not a member of, searching for a Bible Study based on the true word of GOD. The Biblical truth from our most precious LORD : HE has given us HIMSELF and HIS word. I was assigned to her Bible Study class, and was in a season of asking the LORD to direct me to be with a Leader who loves JESUS and the knowledge to teach, to instill in the women how JESUS sees them, and what it means to say "YES" to JESUS. To not let fear stop you, to want to devour HIS WORD, to show the love of JESU to all others. All the glory goes to the FATHER, SON, and the HOLY SPIRIT, and Keli does all of that and more. The words she entrusted the LORD to give her, allowed the women to feel safe enough to share their struggles, their love they have, or want to have for JESUS. "Iron does sharpen Iron". Each woman was made to feel loved and welcomed, i have seen her talk to all women, ministered to love, not one would feel left out. Praise the LORD!

Submitted by Member Of A Church: First Bapstist Church Of Rochester on 08/12/2018

Erin Oginsky - Executive Director

Keli is an anointed woman of God and speaker. Her message is incredible and when she speaks, her authentic care for women shines through. Keli doesn't just teach, she inspires, encourages, and empowers.

Submitted by Mission 25 on 08/10/2018