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Vicki Lei

Christian Speaker
Somerset Kentucky 42501

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God has the greatest exchange policy in the history of eternity.

God has the greatest exchange policy in the history of eternity.

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Somerset, KY 42501
United States of America

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More About Vicki Lei

Vicki Lei is a musically gifted speaker and teacher. Her unique testimony and deep prophetic gift link with natural brilliance serve to both inform and inspire The Body of Christ. 


Vicki was playing the piano and singing at the age of two. By the age of five she accepted Christ as her Savior. At eight years old she was church pianist. At the age of seventeen she would become a professional pianist and vocalist.

The Holy Spirit said to her at twelve years old: "You will be Called to step forward and speak in a very sad, very dangerous time in our world." In 2022, Vicki felt it was time. She closed her business of seventeen years performing and speaking at retirement homes. Her business included overseeing chapel services and speaking and singing, hosting various events. She wrote two audiobooks "It Will Be Worth It All" and "Open Heavens." Then, in July, she started almost daily Biblical speaking on YouTube (Vicki Lei). The YouTube site is a library showcasing her talents: Speaking, teaching, documentaries and original music in audiovisual format.

Vicki has also served in churches in various ways, including church accompanist, praise team member, Bible teacher and speaking. 

She has a unique testimony. Her Christian family would fall apart after the death of her mother in 1991. Her Christian family would be split for 30 years until the death of her father in 2000. The younger generation had to pick up the pieces. Vicki knows how Moses felt, going round and round the mountain with unworkable Israelites. The saying "As goes the church, so goes the nation" is something she teaches on with a stunning insight because of the suffering she has endured.

But trust me, Vicki has endured through the Grace of God. 

Vicki speaks of many subjects. The Open Door in Revelation 3 given to the Philadelphian Church is a passion for her. She sees The Body of Christ and the world entering a new era, one in which we will need to be prepared for in every way. In her audiovisual book "It Will Be Worth It All" she encourages Christians today who are tired and feel they have little strength. She draws the broad picture of exactly where we are today on a national/international level and strives to both inform and encourage Christians.

In 2015, Vicki was exposed to mold and sickened. She would fight for her life. Through that event, God took her into advocacy. She would warn then Florida Governor Rick Scott in a 105- page documented report of an impending, future collapse in Florida's internal systems under another administration. God gave her a system that would clean states internally with little or no cost to taxpayers. The Governor would reject the report in his official letterhead. Three years later, the unemployment system in Florida broke, leaving millions stranded.

And Vicki performed this work with a medically non-functional status. Her Christian doctor said she was defying medical science. Vicki knows the power of God to accomplish anything. She also knows our current political system and where we stand in this day and age, both nationally and internationally.

She has also spoken via technology in Pakistan, Uganda and will soon be working with a ministry in Sambia, Africa. She sees our mission dollars having taken root, with the following generations out on the mission fields with no sponsorship and no resources. Her passion is to help The Body of Christ form think tanks and to reach these ministries with provisions God will surely provide.

Her speaking is effortless, humorous, honest and Biblical. Her brilliance is God-given. To whom much is given, much is required. Vicki stands ready to give, to serve, to teach and to usher in  the presence of God in praise and worship.

She stands in The Lord.

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Vicki Lei Speaking Topics

The road less traveled

God sees the evil and the good. He will tear down the houses of the wicked and proud, yet protect the boundaries of the widow. In today's society, we are not taught in financial...

What's in your cup?

No one wants to touch or drink from a dirty cup. The symbolism applies spiritually. We may deny spiritually where we are, but others can see. God looks down and sees what's INSIDE...

Pentecost Power for Today

The Holy Spirit fell at the day of Pentecost and changed everything. He is still our power source today. Every life in the Upper Room would never be the same, and many gave their lives...

The prayers of a righteous man.

Psalm 72 features King David praying for his son - the future King of Israel - Solomon. The righteous are concerned for the poor, the needy, the afflicted. David's prayers were...

The faith of Job today produces results

In part 3 Vicki expounds on the story of Job and equates it to the Christians in this day and age. We live in the end of an age in The Last Days. Job asked for his story to be chiseled...

The armor of God

The helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit are the last two pieces of armor for the Christian, and they are almost included together. Vicki speaks of the importance of protecting...

The open door of provision

Uganda has a ministry where they are fasting and praying God will provide food for Christmas day and clothing. The Congo is war-torn. Refugee children are in Uganda and the needs are...

Your inheritance is in heaven

Eternity is for the Believer, with splendor, a Glorified Body and Glorified Mind. We live in a changeable time. We WILL see shaking everywhere. Things we have relied on WILL change....

When the righteous fall: Moses

Moses was righteous, yet he killed the Egyptian and ran for his life. Vicki explains how he most likely took on a false identity and settled with the Midianites. Had he disclosed his...

Trust God

Trust is crucial for any relationship. It's no less true with a relationship with The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Distrust will keep you from believing, from intimacy. Don't...

Redeem the time

The phone rings. The father of a family is gone, passed away suddenly. Life is uncertain. Redeem the time.  Make amends and share love while you can.You can watch this speaking...

Job's friends face God

God wants us to know that sometimes we make mistakes - big mistakes - and we think we're okay because nothing happens right away. God dealt with Job, then turned to bring consequences...

Joy: A Fruit of the Spirit

Joy is a fruit of The Spirit. Ironically, the prophet Jeremiah is an excellent example. He lived during Judah's fall as a nation. He was never given a wife or family and was told...

God's Creation

God's Creation is celebrated in an original audiovisual produced by Vicki Lei. Thanks to today's technology, we can see God's Creation in stunning pictures. An all-original...

Vicki Lei Events

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Vicki Lei Resources

I Will Call on the Name of the Lord

This all-original song and audiovisual written by Vicki Lei under the leading of The Holy Spirit is exact Scripture from II Samuel 22:3-4. It speaks of being delivered from your enemies. Vicki has dedicated this song to the persecuted church internationally. She has prayed deliverance for the persecuted church world-wide so that they may be freed to join the mission field in these Last Days and to give testimony of Christ to a hurting, dying world by feeding, clothing and testifying of God's greatness. This song was written by inspiration of Vicki Lei's documentary on the persecuted...

Posted by on 01/12/2023

The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer as found in Matthew 6:9-13. This musical audiovisual was written, produced, sung and the audiovisuals completed by Vicki Lei. Remember who you are in Christ, God redeemed us all. Remember who you are in HIM. ...

Posted by on 01/12/2023

Vicki Lei You Tube Trailer

Enjoy a short overview of the God-given talents of Vicki Lei. This presentation is a 41 second overview of Vicki's many abilities. It will help you understand the scope of her ministry as she steps forward to speak, teach, educate, and lead The Body of Christ in worship and original music. ...

Posted by on 01/12/2023