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Ann Jorgensen Recommendations

Submitted by Lifelong Friend on 04/23/2017

Jennifer A. Cooper

On Topic

I highly recommend Ann as a speaker.
She has personal experience in trusting God as she is learning to overcome past abuse in her own life, and she has an engaging style
as she communicates that hope to others.

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Phyllis Best

Ann is an engaging, relational speaker with life experiences she shares on a personal level that is applicable to most everyone. Her heart for people and helping others move forward in their life's journey is passionately conveyed, and she's just fun!

Submitted by Abundant Restoration on 04/17/2019

Rev. Dr. J. David Trawick

Ann is a survivor and, more than that, a thriver, because of the presence of the Holy Spirit in her life. The first time she spoke at our church, women who had endured child sexual abuse came out of the woodwork, and she formed a recovery group for and with them that started many of them on the road to healing. She has spoken since, speaking from her own experience and biblical insights, addressing the wounds everyone receives in their formative years and pointing the way to healing and growth through Christ. Her combination of personal experience, biblical insights and creative ways of communicating are effective in touching people deeply. I highly recommend her to any organization open to the power of God to bring significant change to individual lives.

Submitted by Northwest Hills United Methodist Church, San Antonio, Tx on 04/24/2017