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Posted by: Sharon Sands on 10/29/2015

Along the Way

When we look at the account of Joseph, we see quite the dysfunctional family situation! 

Joseph, in his coat of many colors (that his brothers envied and hated!) heads off alone to check on those very same envy-filled brothers! We are all familiar with the result of that trip! Joseph ended up tossed in a pit, and then headed, as a slave, off to Egypt. 

What a powerful picture of God using our "pits" in life to humble us, position us, grow us and change us! He WANTED Joseph in Egypt...but many years of "Along the Way" stuff needed to happen before Joseph was prepared to step into God's ultimate plans for him! 

As we look into the life of Joseph, we glean so much about our many "Along the Way" days, and how to lift up our eyes to see the Master Weaver who is behind it all...working and weaving for our good and His glory

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