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Vicki Albrecht Recommendations

Submitted by Harmony Christian Church on 10/29/2015

Sharolyn Nungester, Minister's Wife

On Topic

We had Vicki Albrecht do a workshop at our Women's Retreat in September 2008. Vicki has a heart for women and it showed in her workshop. She was willing to share her own experiences, and testimony, to help the Word of God become even more real to the women that attended. Lives were blessed, and touched, by her ministry to them. I would highly recommend Vicki.

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Pastor Kyle Ermoian, Senior Pastor

I have heard Vicki Albrecht speak on several occasions and each time I hear her I am more impressed than I was the last. Vicki communicates the freedom she has found in her relationship with Christ with, astute observation, humor and a sincere, heartfelt honesty that is profound to the listener. Her story is one that needs to be shared and she shares it in a most compelling way. You have got to hear Vicki Albrecht!

Submitted by Celebration Community Church on 02/07/2024

Jill Blurton, Instructor

Vicki Albrecht is a mighty woman! She has seen life from numerous different angles and because of this, her perspective is amazingly real. Having not always been a "woman of God", but now, leading a totally committed life, Vicki can relate to and minister to any woman from any walk of life. When you hear her speak, you hear pain, love, sorrow, joy, and experience. She doesn't "make speeches", she "tells her story" and in that process, inspires everyone who hears it. What a blessing she is and what a good and faithful servant God has in Vicki Albrecht!

Submitted by Hays High School on 12/27/2022