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Karon Storment Recommendations

Submitted by Glaine Jenkins on 11/02/2015

Glaine Jenkins

On Topic

Karon is a woman of unmarred integrity, powerful faith in God, deep compassion for people, and undeterred devotion to her Lord and Savior, who shares the things she has learned at the feet of the Master while drawing the listener into that special place. For her, learning from Him is ongoing, never ending, always growing. I have watched her weather some of life's harshest winds ripping at her health and her family. Through each battle, I have seen her become stronger in her faith and more devoted to His will. She knows His heart first hand.

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David B. Crabtree

Karon's writing speaks to the heart. Her recent book, the Road to Bethany, is a clear call to intimacy with God. I firmly believe Karon practices what she preaches. She recently returned from a Russian mission's trip where she worked as a teacher/trainer in a Pastors retreat setting. I do not hesitate to recommend Karon's ministry. I pray for the ministry at Bethany House and rejoice in every door the Lord will open as she continues to press for the mark.

Submitted by David B. Crabtree on 11/02/2015

Brenda Smith

I have known Karon Storment for over 10 years. During that time I have seen her walk through many storms without a word of complaint. Her heart belongs to Jesus Christ and she lives in closer fellowship with Him than anyone I know. She is a person of stellar integrity, and I am blessed to have her friendship. I know that she will be a blessing wherever the Lord opens doors for her to minister.

Submitted by Brenda Smith on 11/02/2015