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Shari Johnson Recommendations

Submitted by Victory Baptist Church on 01/16/2023

Mike Worf, Pastor

On Topic

"Shari Johnson is one of the finest Christian women that I know. She has so many talents. She can sing, write songs, paint, write poetry, and many more too numerous to mention. What makes her so special is her love for Jesus. She has a heart to serve Him. Among her many talents she possesses, one is her ability to take a piece of scripture and make it come alive and relevant to the listener. I have often told her that I would love for her to write my sermons. As a godly Christian woman, she knows her role and is willing to serve Jesus where He leads. Therefore, as her pastor, I am honored to recommend Shari for any event that you would need a woman speaker. If you are looking for a Christian woman for an event, book her to be blessed! Pastor Mike Worf"

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James Newton, Pastor

Shari Johnson has a heart for people regardless of their backgrounds. During the ten years that I have known her, she has served in a number of different capacities in the life of her home church and community. Your audience will be blessed by Shari’s teaching and sense her genuine compassion for them. God gave her a wonderful sense of humor which she uses to break down the walls people so often build to insulate themselves from God’s truth. Shari also ministers musically and will encourage you through her songs.

Submitted by Reimer Road Baptist Church on 05/23/2023

Jim Newton, Pastor

God gave her a wonderful sense of humor which she uses to break down the walls people so often build

Submitted by Reimer Road Baptist Church on 10/10/2022

Gloria Jones, Youth Leader

"Dear Christian Speakers,

I find Shari Johnson to be one of the most dedicated servants I've ever met. Her desire to enlarge the Kingdom of Christ shines through her singing ministry, and her enthusiasm when speaking God's truth. She is the most talented person I've ever met, and she uses all of her talents to the glory of God. She sings, draws, writes, speaks, and is technologically diverse, including graphic design! She is faithful in our church home, and since she is faithful, she wears many hats as a willing servant. She sings, guides and teaches teens, directs teen rally, VBS, teen retreat; captain of a Ladies Circle, does church bulletin, and so much more. She has painted our beautiful church, baptistery, and painted a huge picture of Christ's hands reaching down to us from the Heavens!

Shari, will speak as our Key Note Speaker at our annual Ladies Retreat in October.........

Submitted by Victory Baptist Church on 10/30/2015