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Nancy Jo Wilson Recommendations

Submitted by Trinity Baptist Church on 05/10/2021

Dolly Teal, Womens Ministry Leader

On Topic

Nancy Wilson is an animated and insightful speaker and teacher. She has a heart for women and a sincere desire for them to see Christ at work in their lives. With a keen understanding of God’s Word, Nancy has the special ability to engage women and they come away from her teaching encouraged in their walk with Christ.

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Rev. Bob Wilson

Nancy Wilson is an engaging and Biblically sound speaker. She is a diligent student of God’s word and loves to share that truth with others. She brings enthusiasm and energy to her teaching, and I heartily recommend her to any group.

Submitted by Trinity Baptist Church on 10/19/2021

Kathleen Holland, PhD

Nancy Wilson’s compassion and heart for encouragement shines through in all her speaking and teaching engagements. She imparts to her audience’s knowledge they can apply to their lives and an understanding that they are not alone in their challenges.

Submitted by Fbc on 06/02/2021

Tamara Sharp Pastor’s Wife

Entertaining and engaging, clear and concise, Nancy is a consummate communicator. She offers the listener relevant information easily digested and integrated, ready to apply. Radiating the warmth of a friend while communicating with the skill of a professor, she leaves her audience emotionally and intellectually satisfied and never disappoints.

Submitted by The Chapel on 05/12/2021

Alisha Herring

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nancy as a friend and also fellow ministry partner. She has a heart and passion for women and it becomes evident with her relationships with them, but also in her public speaking. She is genuine in her communication and engages the audience with applicable truths from God’s Word. I always leave feeling inspired and encouraged to grow deeper in my walk with Christ.

Submitted by Refuge Church on 05/10/2021