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The Extraordinary Marriage

Christian Speaker
Fayetteville Georgia 30214

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Inspiring & Igniting New Life & Energy in Relationships

Inspiring & Igniting New Life & Energy in Relationships

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Name The Extraordinary Marriage
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Fayetteville, GA 30214
United States of America

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Lisbon Baptist Church
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More About The Extraordinary Marriage

Connie Durham is a certified speaker and trainer with the John Maxwell Team, and believes igniting new life and energy in women & marriage, will create happier healthier families.  Happy Couples = Happier Kids and families that stay together  Philippians 4:8


Connie’s been happily married for 44 years, has 3 grown kids, with their own families, and it was when all 3 of her kids got married in 18 months, that she realized, all families are not the same.  They have different, beliefs, values, habits, manners, traditions, and ways of life that either bring them together or separate them.  Now add into that... different personalities.

She’s the wife of the worship leader at her church, works in "Good New's Club" afterschool program, teaches youth Sunday school, sings in the choir and praise team.  She served as the women’s ministry director 2018 to 2021.

She began "The Extraordinary Marriage Podcast" November 2, 2024


Also on Apple & Spotify 

Connie served 21 years in Leadership with Mary Kay Cosmetics where she won 7 Diamond rings, 2 company cars and 100’s of prizes including private parties at Universal, California and the Atlanta Aquarium.  As a consultant she loved encouraging and helping women look and feel better about themselves.

In 2004 Connie studied human behavior styles, that explain why we each think - act - and respond the way we do (better known as DISC).   Intrigued by the truths and reality of the DISC Concepts she began "Connie's Clever Concepts" in 2019, helping businesses develop powerful work teams.  Companies like Chick-fil-a and Delta + may large churches use the DISC method in developing unity, growth, and leadership.  

In April 2023 Connie changed her name to "The Extraordinary Marriage" where she speaks to women's groups, church leadership, and civic groups, on the importance of being aware of your differences and how to make the most of your God given talents.  Online she shares her video blog, webinars, and courses.

Connie believes as women we must put God 1st, Family 2nd, and Career 3rd.  We must each strive to be our best, reaching for personal growth, better communication skills, & see life as a journey, not a destination.  For a successful and happy life, you must be able to see from the other persons... point of view.  This is how you have an extraordinary marriage.  Happy Couples = Happier Kids

My passion is in empowering couples & families with relationship saving communication skills & concepts.

Find Connie at:  www.theextraordinarymarriage.com 


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