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Posted by: Karen Porter on 12/31/2015

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Karen has numerous presentations available for your group and will also consider tailoring a new presentation to your theme.  In addition to those mentioned, consider these:

Sweet Dream.  The group will take 5 tests to determine desire, personality, endowments, abilities, and motivation.  Then with Karen's help, the group will discover what ministry areas are best suited for each individual.  Great for ministry fairs and involving your group in volunteer service. 

Glamour Shots and other Disguises.  I don't look like my glamour shot but I don't look like my driver's license photo either. We will take a funny look at the physical disguises we wear and a serious look at the masks we sometimes wear. Together, we will discover the beauty that God has put into each life. 


If you book Karen, she would be delighted to offer a free workshop to your group for anyone interested in writing or speaking. As a certified coach and trainer, she can help those who want to pursue writing or speaking get started. 

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