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I really enjoyed! The Motivational, Inspirational, Speaker Cynthia Ousley-Garey. She touched the lives of everyone that was represented in the building. I thank God how you bought forth a message of restoration. Planting seeds of positivity in our life. Thank You.

Submitted by Medical Billing on Friday, Aug 25, 2017

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Thanks again for the talk that you gave at the library. Cynthia gave an inspired presentation to our library community on July 1st, 2017. She arrived on time and delivered a moving talk about how she approached writing her book, "Overcoming Obstacles in Your Walk with God," to a small group in our intimate little reading room. Cynthia has a great ability to connect to the audience. A few were moved to tears and one woman who raised her hand to share a story with Cynthia admitted she had never told the story before to anyone. Although her work is based in Christian theology, her talk was accessible to non-Christians, as well. We thoroughly enjoyed having her speak at our library and can recommend her to other groups who are looking for authors to speak on motivational topics.

Submitted by Summer Program on Monday, Aug 28, 2017


Mrs.Garey "WOW" I was blown away with how you touch the audience at the Springfield liberay on July 1 in Springfield Illinois. I witnessed people open up after hearing your words of encouragement. Your words were strong and powerful and gave me a burst of inspiration.

Submitted by Summer Event Program on Friday, Aug 25, 2017