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Evelyn Johnson Taylor Recommendations

Submitted by Word Weavers International on 06/10/2024

Eva Marie Everson, CEO

On Topic

Nearly every writer we meet at FCWC tells us that "imposter syndrome" is a very real thing. "Who am I," they wonder, "to think that I am a writer?"

We were so excited to have Mrs. Johnson-Taylor teach a workshop on this very issue. Those who attended commented on how very much they "needed that." She knows and understands her topic and is able to communicate to those who hear so that they lose that "imposter syndrome" to become all they were meant to be as writers and communicators.

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Bishop Stephanie Stratford, D.Min.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dr. Evelyn Taylor, an esteemed friend and colleague whose profound insights and exceptional gifts as an author, Bible teacher, coach, and speaker have left an indelible impact on countless individuals, including myself. Dr. Taylor’s ability to weave deep spiritual truths with practical wisdom uplifts and transforms her readers and audiences. Her eloquent teaching and compassionate approach foster personal growth and a deeper understanding of faith. Dr. Taylor's work is a blessing, and I am confident anyone engaging with her teachings will be greatly inspired and ignited.

Submitted by Ekklesia International on 06/17/2024

Tami Halliman Summit Organizer

Evelyn was a joy to interview. Her story was so inspiring and encouraging. She spoke straight to my heart and I know she spoke to my audience. I have recently lost my step-father and she offered so much hope and joy to remember that a great loss is not the end. Her story and journey are truly moving and I would love to interview her again.

Submitted by The Gracious House on 06/05/2024

Thomas L Dozier, Ph.D. Senior Pastor

Evelyn J Taylor has exhibited the ability to minister to women in various aspects of life. She has authored several books which address both the struggles and the potential for success of women. Dr. Taylor's character, personality, and ability to connect with a listening audience contributes to value as a public speaker. For these reasons, I give my recommendation for Evelyn J Taylor.

Submitted by The Word Of Grace & Truth Ministries/grace & Truth Christian University on 03/01/2016

Carolyn Tatem (Minister, Director, Author and Speaker)

Evelyn loves the Lord and loves His word. She has studied to show herself approved. I have been knowing her for over 30 years. She would be a great addition to any event that is developed to minister to women.

Submitted by First Baptist Church Of Glenarden/forever Publishing on 01/05/2016

Gail McMurray Scheffers

Dr Taylor is the real deal. She has a great grasp on the scriptures and brings them to life when she speaks. She is very true to her passion to help women find their calling and fulfill their purpose in Christ. She is also sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. She doesn't just teach. She truly ministers to her audience.

Submitted by Joy In The Journey on 12/31/2015

Clarise Ottley Ph.D.

I have known Evelyn for over 20 years. In this timeframe I have contracted her to be our Women's Conference speaker. She was well received. As a result of her dynamic, prophetic, and expository speaking ability she was requested by the women in the ministry and those who attended the conference to have her return for a consecutive year as our guest speaker. Her diversity in subject matter and her insightful perception about issues related to life experiences qualifies her as an excellent speaker. I highly recommend her as a speaker.

Submitted by Covenant Church on 12/31/2015