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Gloria Crawford Henderson Recommendations

Submitted by Bethel Missionary Baptist Church - Women's Ministry on 11/14/2022

Jacqueline Mason-Hedgmon

On Topic

Sister Henderson's book and presentation of the materials were extremely beneficial to me as a "senior" member of Bethel and ministries within the church. She did an excellent and I highly recommend her to other ladies and gentlemen who are thinking about the wholeness of their lives as we approach senior years.

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Betty Auston

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Gloria Henderson for any event. I had the pleasure of participating in a 6 week women's study group at our church where Ms. Henderson presented and discussed her book "Growing Whole:A Lifelong Spiritual Journey. Ms. Henderson was nothing short of excellent. She has special God given gifts of speaking and writing. She speaks with professionalism, passion, clarity, spirituality, and humbleness. Reading her book and participating in her study group motivates you and gives you tools to seek positive life changes. You walk away from her presentations excited about your new plan and motivated to live your best God given life. God has given her the ability to challenge and inspire individuals to improve their life. She is a natural teacher and an engaging and inspiring speaker. You will be truly blessed to have Ms. Henderson at any event.

Submitted by Bethel Missionary Baptist Church on 06/20/2023

Dr. Claudette Harrell

Mrs. Gloria Henderson is a Christian female and grounded in the Word of God. She delivers memorable speeches and presentations that inspire, educate, and entertain an audience. As a Christian speaker and Sunday School teacher, she inspires listeners with messages of hope, never losing faith, believing in yourself, success, achievement, overcoming hard times, spiritual wisdom and much more.

Submitted by Bethel Missionary Baptist Church on 02/14/2023

Dr. Gloria P. Holmes, Chair, Women's Ministry

Gloria Crawford Henderson's Growing Whole: A Lifelong Spiritual Journey is a thoroughly engaging and thought provoking book. It is reader-friendly, informative, and motivational providing very practical principles which can be applied to daily living. Henderson depicts real-life stories plus strategies in an authentic, enjoyable and inspiring presentation useful for enhancing spiritual growth. Reaching people across all spectrums of life, the spiritual insights she provides are relevant and reflect Henderson's wealth of professional experiences, multi-faceted endeavors and components of a Christ-centered lifestyle. The Multidimensional Wellness Lifestyle Assessment provided in her work is a wonderful tool for self-reflection and assessment to achieve sacred purpose.

Submitted by Bethel Missionary Baptist Church on 11/19/2022

Bettye Belinfantie Retired RN

Mrs. Henderson is knowledgeable; she's engaging. Reading her book "Growing Whole" and attending the women's session for six weeks at Bethel, you can follow her journey through the years of spiritual growth in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Submitted by Bethel Missionary Baptist Chruch on 11/17/2022

Janet M. Sermon, Retired Educator Administrator and Faculty

Mrs. Henderson's publication, "Growing Whole," is an inspirational, all inspiring, timeless and timely treasure that causes one to approach life and the processes and progression therein in a different and more "spiritually focused" manner. It is a must read; it provides an alternative focus toward life and our progression toward "wholeness."
Last but not least, Gloria Crawford Henderson is a stellar presenter!

Submitted by College Of Education @ Florida A&m University And Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Women's Ministry Member on 11/17/2022

Martha L Saunders

Enjoyed the presentation by Mrs Henderson. Held my attention
Very informative, inspirational, and relatable. She made it personal
Well organized and professional
Very clear speech and audible
Good information

Submitted by Martha L Saunders on 11/14/2022

Vanessa Roberts

Mrs. Henderson is a dynamic Christian speaker who makes sure that her topics are very engaging and and tasteful to hear. She is authentic and filled with wisdom and knowledge. She’s open and not fearful to provide you with her personal testimonies so that they may heal and mend any hurting soul.

She’s beautiful inside and out and has a personality of gold.

Submitted by Bethel Mb Church on 11/09/2022

Dr. Malinda James, Educational Consultant

Mrs. Gloria Crawford Henderson is a strong, positive, motivating, caring, reserved and appropriately out-going Christian woman. She is well respected by her peers and others within our local community. Gloria loves the Lord and exemplifies this love as she interacts with people. Her talents are shared in a soft, quiet and reserved format. It is not her disposition to push something off on you for names' sake. She truly walks in her calling as a gifted and anointed Christian leader. All those who've read her recently published book entitled "Growing Whole: A Lifelong Spiritual Journey, have received a tremendous blessing. That book is set to take me on my own personal journey in growing my Spiritual Life. The presentation that I participated in under, Gloria's awesome guidance was phenomenal. I highly recommend her as a workshop presenter, as well as encourage both men and women to read her book!

Submitted by Mw James & Associates,llc on 11/09/2022

Stephanie Gorham

Mrs. Gloria Crawford Henderson is a Holy Spirit filled, spiritually gifted, caring, teacher, entertaining, powerful and amazing, woman of God. I recently completed a six-week workshop, facilitated by Mrs. Crawford Henderson, where participants took a deep dive into her book, “Growing Whole: A Lifelong Spiritual Journey.” Participants were inspired and challenged to make a willful decision to live a Christ-centered lifestyle, age well, live in accordance with Godly purpose and use our natural talents and Spiritual gifts to serve the greater good. No participant in the workshop left the same. After completing Mrs. Crawford Henderson’s workshop, I am even more encouraged to run the race God has set for me as I continue to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Submitted by Retired Human Resources Administrator on 11/09/2022