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Sharon Arrindell Recommendations

Submitted by Pastor, Living Word Holy Church on 01/12/2023

Brenda K. Beasley

On Topic

From the first day we met, there has been a divine connection between myself and Dr. Sharon! She is a well educated woman both spiritually and naturally! She is also an anointed teacher and counselor! It is always a pleasure to be in her presence!

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Averel Carby, RN

I have known Dr. Sharon Smith as an excellent person, speaker and most of all as a woman of God who lives out her Christianity in the truth of God’s Word. Our friendship for approximately 2 and a half years became more meaningful when I had the privilege of attending some of her speaking engagements events. She is an excellent speaker, and just a wonderful Christian woman.

Submitted by Averel Carby Home Healthcare, Llc on 12/06/2022

Dr. Cecelia Harriott

Dr. Sharon Smith shows the passion she has for the Lord Jesus when she prays, preaches or shares in a home Bible study. She knows the Word of God and shares with wisdom and boldness. She is a prolific speaker, and will share the gospel unashamedly.

Submitted by Palm Beach County School Board on 08/23/2022

Barbara Wong

Sharon is a dynamic speaker! She has a talent for interlacing relevant issues and scripture in a manner that truly captivates her audience. She also tempers this with wit and humor which further keeps her listeners engaged!

Submitted by Grace Fellowship on 01/17/2022

Oxtrah Pyronneau

Through her ministry, Dr. Sharon has walked me through unresolved childhood trauma. After being released from pain that was holding me back, I’ve been able to walk in confidence of God’s unfailing love for me. I’m able to love myself better and love those around me. Equipped with biblical teaching, she empowers & encourages those she meets to build a firm foundation in Christ & understand what God’s purpose is for each of us.

Submitted by Christ Follower on 10/21/2021

Hope White, Pastor

You are an anointed woman of God, who speaks for Him. Continue to reach for the sky-it is the beginning!

Submitted by Prayer Palace International Church (p.p.i.c.) on 03/18/2019


Excellent choice as a Christian speaker. Very empowering as a
Women of God. Has the power to
address the wants and needs of
of Christian women and allow non
Christian women to see the need
Of Christ in their lives. Dr. Smith
will be a Blessing to all in the assembly.

Submitted by Alpha Business And Education Consultants on 03/18/2019

Tanya Moncada

Dr. Sharon is an amazing woman. She is patient, kind, understanding, loving, bold and truthful. She has helped me realize things in my life that I have been able to put into perspective and move forward with in my personal life. I would most definitely recommend her for a revamp and a recharge for your life changing opportunities.

Submitted by Tanya And Angel Ministry on 03/18/2019

Lonette Hopewell

Dr. Sharon Smith has a lot of teaching under her belt. As a former Sunday School student, she made Christian living an interesting goal to foster. I recall her teaching on prayer and other important topics needed to steer adolescents down a righteous path. Now with a doctorate, I have had the pleasure of working with her to develop her company. She is not overcome by her experiences, but she has overcome them. She diligently seeks the Lord through prayer and consistent Bible study. I had the pleasure of serving her at a women's retreat and many women left feeling restored by her testimony alone. She does not look like what she has been through. Her love for youth and passion to proclaim and speak the word of God to bring healing, restoration, love and purpose to youth, women, men and families. She is full of love, honesty and the word of God. Dr. Sharon is a prayer warrior who knows the word of God and has the heart to transform people for God's glory through love and with grace.

Submitted by Bethel Gospel Assembly on 03/18/2019

Natasha Fernander-Johnson: Preaident of Women's Ministry

Dr. Sharon brings for the word with humility and clarity. She easily connects with the audience and takes them to a place of discovery in God's word.

Submitted by All Nations Life Development Christian Center on 03/18/2019