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Karla Merrell Recommendations

Submitted by Topeka SHRM on 12/21/2022

Ashley Esquibel, VP of HR

On Topic

Karla was a speaker for our Disrupt HR event held in October, 2022. She was extremely professional to work with as we were preparing for the event. On the day of the event she was a joy to be around. She was very supportive to the other speakers and arrived early to make sure the event went smoothly. She was one of my very favorite speakers at the event! She engaged the audience and inspired us with her story. I had several members of the audience tell me that they felt the same way! If you are looking for an engaging, professional and inspiring speaker, I would highly recommend Karla!

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Michael Jenet - Curator / Executive Producer

Karla brings a passion to everything she does, and this was no different for her TEDx Talk. We ask a lot of our presenters and Karla stepped up in every way. Her Idea Worth Spreading and her subsequent talk moved the audience from laughter, to tears, and ultimately to inspiration. As a TEDx curator of over 30 events I have seen a lot of presenters over the years. Karla brought everything to her talk and our stage. Her goal was to impact the people who watch her talk and make her talk on the impact of curiosity a movement. In my opinion she exceeded that goal on every level. If you want a passionate, engaging, funny, authentic, and powerful speaker, I could not recommend Karla Merrell more. You can thank me later.

Submitted by Tedxcherrycreek on 12/14/2022