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Posted by: Deacon Tanya Elizabeth Partin Lawton on 10/29/2015

"Found in a Garbage Can" Generation X to Generation Next: The End of the Godless Age

The rapid end to the godlessness that we have been living in since thebeginning of time is here at last, at the precipice of the end of times.The movie, ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’, starring Keanu Reeves, is awonderful, though fictional, testimony to how the world, or humans,respond to detrimental situations especially our own. Only when there istragedy or even doom do we change and try to save our own lives. Thereare serious deficiencies in genuine love, respect and reverence for theAlmighty God, our Father in Heaven, also in living as new creations ofborn again Christians for Jesus Christ. It has tainted the Churches and thewritten Word of God to the point that ministers, elders and clergy pretendnot to notice and even believe they are powerless to do anything about itanymore. They have all let the sin fester for so long that the power of Godcannot live in the churches we build and the presents of the Holy Spirit isnot felt in them either. You will experience with me the memories of myreligious and spiritual experiences coupled with my everyday challengesto show how this world changed from being lovers of God to being Godhaters and what we must do to change and follow Him.

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