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Soar 2021 Hybrid Women's Event

Bay Point Christian Church Bay Point Christian Church 2001 62nd Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33712
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Soar 2021 Hybrid Women's Event
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Saturday, April 10, 2021

12:45-1:45 - Games & Refreshments

2-2:45 - Main Program Live Streamed from Auditorium
2:45-As Long As You Want - Fellowship Time

April 10 Participation Options
Bring your own beverage and snack. Enjoy fellowship and a group game in the outdoor pavilion. Move into the auditorium for the main session. Fellowship outside after. Limited seating. Get your ticket early.

Register to be assigned a "Meet Up" room online before and after the event, for conversation, games and fellowship. You'll all pause to watch the main event livestreamed on Facebook from 2-2:45 PM ET.

Register to invite your own friends and host your own "Before & After" Google Meet-Up Room. Only the hostess registers here. Provide your potential guests with your own Meet-Up Room link so they get into your own room for games, refreshments and fellowship before and/or after the main live-stream event online.

Register to host a group of close family/friends in your home for games/refreshments before and/or after the main live-stream event online.

Register to host your own Before & After chat rooms for your local gals, with all of you joining the main session online. Only one ticket needed per church. You'll set up your own Google Meeting Rooms, invite gals using the links you provide them and then point them toward the main session at the right time. 

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