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Posted by Sandra Joseph on 12/31/2017
Questions God Asks His People

Questions God Asks His People

Mt Lebanon Evangelical Presbyterian Church, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
PA-872, Austin, PA 16720, USA

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First Session: Discerning Your Current Life: Together we will consider the scriptures where God asks the following questions of His people. Through individual journaling and discussion, the attendee will discern what God is wanting them to understand their current life situations.

  • Where are you? Genesis 3:9 Physically▪ Emotionally▪ Spiritually
  • What are you doing here? 1 Kings 19:9 

Second Session: What is God now desiring from you? Once the attendee has discerned their current life situations, it is time to discover God's purposes for them where they currently are.o What is God asking you to fulfill His purposes and bring Him glory?

  • Luke 1:38

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