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Posted by Michelle Rooney on 09/24/2019
bOuNcE conference experience

bOuNcE conference experience

bOuNcE enterprises
Williams Tree Farm 4661 Yale Bridge Road, Rockton, IL 61072

Start Time
02/29/2020 09:00 am
End Time
02/29/2020 4:00 pm

Are YOU looking for a little inspiration, too?

For a little help bouncing back from a tough time?

Then you won't want to miss the bOuNcE conference experience! We have a line-up of experienced teachers and presenters who all have compelling stories and tips to share, things that are authentic, genuine, and will inspire you.

We have real-life people sharing real-life stories of their comebacks from gut-wrenching circumstances...they've been there and they've walked out the other side to inspire others like YOU about how you can, too. 

We have biblical teaching of applicable Scripture that will change your life when you take it in and apply it to your circumstances.

We have IGNITED worship with an experienced team of musicians and vocalists who are on FIRE for Jesus and throw everything they have into worshiping our God and leading you in doing the same as they usher the Holy Spirit into our midst. 

You'll leave with materials IN YOUR HANDS and IN YOUR HEARTS to help you bounce back from any of life's tough stuff as well as resources for future reference should you need them.

You'll have coffee and pastries and lunch and conversation and support from all kinds of people at the conference who are RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE and would love to connect and get to know you.

You'll realize that, regardless of your current setbacks, YOU'RE NOT ALONE and YOU'LL BE ENCOURAGED!

 Sorry...child care is not available at this time, so please plan accordingly. Thanks.)

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