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Mimi Majerus Recommendations

Submitted by None on 02/26/2022

Delva Chaddock

On Topic

I have know Mimi for about15 years now. She is a powerful women of God. She has walked through fire in her own personnel life and has come out on the other side fully surrendered to Jesus. Her life of obedience and sacrifice will both inspire you and challenge you to surrender to Jesus even when it comes with great sacrifice.
Her message of surrender to him is powerful and life changing. Her compassion for the lost is evident in her ministry. It comes with no judgement. Jesus lives the lost and broken. No one is too broken for him. You will be encouraged and challenged by this great women of God to be wholly surrendered to Jesus.

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Pam Schmid. Intercessor And Prayer Team

Vibrant. Compelling. Energetic, People were on the edge of their seats Lives were changed.

Submitted by The Promise Center on 08/26/2022

Trisha Atkins Celebrate Recovery Leader

Mimi is an amazing spirit filled warrior of Christ!!!! Jesus fills her with Holy Spirit power and words of living water pour from her words!!! Let us all be Women who step out in faith with the same power and flood this world with the love of Jesus!!!!

Submitted by Foursquare Church Crescent City California on 02/23/2022

Jamie Hayden Foursquare Celebrate Recovery Lastor

Mimi is a Holy Spirit filled influencer that I very much enjoyed listening to!

Submitted by Crescent City Foursquare on 11/18/2021

Christopher Kolbe

I have known lots of people, men and women, who have been great spiritual leaders and authentic lovers of God, and Mimi is at the top of that list. I’ve heard her speak on many occasions. Not only is she knowledgeable in the Word, but she is engaging and is so real with her audience, which in my opinion, draws me in and allows me to have an immediate connection. Mimi has a heart unlike any other and the way she honors God and values people is second to none. If I ever am looking for a speaker or someone to be on one of my ministry teams, I would not hesitate to try to recruit her. She is a blessing to this world.

Submitted by The Prmise Center on 07/06/2021

nicole oliver

Love Mimi so much. You can feel the holy spirit fill the room when she talks

Submitted by Cc Foursquare on 05/03/2021

Pastor Kim Eberwein

Your event and women will be blessed by the gift of Mimi. She’s a powerful anointed woman of God! She has been our main speaker at two of the retreats for me and she always brings everything God impresses on her and lives are changed. She quickly became my spiritual sister in Christ.

Submitted by Crescent City Foursquare Church on 05/03/2021

Kathleen Kat Conrad

Amazing kind and loving. Her knowledge,skills and abilities to share tbe word of God is truly heartfelt,genuine and REAL. Touched each and every person in respectful healing. Beauty. Walk in Faith truly remarkable

Submitted by Foursquare Church on 05/07/2019

Becky Clausen

A wonderful speaker. I highly recommend her. She has a life story everyone should hear. I truly hope I will be able to hear her again.

Submitted by 1960 on 05/06/2019

Carla Ambrosini, Friend

Having shared many of life‘s ups and downs together, Mimi has proven to be an amazing woman of faith. She has impacted many with the message of how intimately personal and knowable God is, through her very honest and real life. She truly knows Him and wants to make Him known. Her faith is courageous and contagious! I know Mimi to be a woman who is steeped in the truth of God’s Word, and who seeks Him through daily prayer and worship. Equipped with a deep revelation of the Father’s love, and of her identity in Christ, she has a strong compassion and availability for others; whether it’s the homeless, a stranger, or believers in any stage of faith. (One who is forgiven much, loves much,) I’ve never known anyone whose life reflects the intimate relationship with her Savior so well, having an obedient heart and a passion to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit at all times for God’s glory.

Submitted by The Promise Center on 01/07/2019

Wendla Dyer

To meet Mimi or hear her speak is to get to know Jesus. Her passion for The Word, Jesus, and His faithfulness will leave you hopeful and yearning for that same passion. As I spoke with her at a low point in my own life, we ending up literally clapping about what God was going to do in the situation. He is faithful. What amazes me about Mimi is that no matter how hopeless things may seem, as she speaks of Jesus you can't help but feel more hope, more joy, more confident because of who He is. She leads you to Him. Her faith is unending and her obedience comes out of a deep understanding of who He is. Your heart will yearn for Him.

Submitted by Calvary Chapel Petaluma on 12/13/2018


I often find myself thinking about Mimi as I’m reading my bible as an example of a person that is truly abiding and resting in Jesus. I long for that too, and when she speaks, and prays, there is closeness to Jesus that you get to be a part of. Mimi stands apart and has a radical faith that pours out of her. She is a faith speaking, long term fruit bearing, god fearing, and grace filled women. She is such an incredible blessing to those she serves and her community.

Submitted by Spring Hills Church on 12/13/2018

Veronica Blue

I met Mimi when I was at a very low place in my life. On one particular day when I had absolutely given up on myself and the guilt I had was too much to bare, Mimi appeared. She started praying and speaking over me in such Fire for the truth and understanding of my circumstance and relating it to scripture. Every bone in my body was yearning for everything she had anointed over me and I felt a very raw change take hold of my heart. When Mimi talks to an audience you are fully entranced by how she interprets scripture and applies it to life, everyone feels that the message is speaking directly to them, that it meets them where they are. The knowledge that she shares is inspiring. You walk away overcome with the spirit, his grace, his mercy, his love for you and those around you. Mimi is an absolute joy to witness. I am always pleased and encouraged by her whenever I see what she is writing, when she speaks and always when she prays.

Submitted by Spring Hills Church Goer on 12/11/2018

Jeanne Browne

I attended an event at Spring Hills church in Santa Rosa California where Mimi spoke of her relationship with her Savior and how he rescued her from drugs, sexual abuse and consistent rebellion. Her knowledge of God's Word and the revelations she has carried out to minister to others is a powerful testimony of the Holy Spirit's constant and redeeming presence in her life. She will make you laugh and cry all alt the same time, encouraging you to relaize Your Creator knows and loves you and has a path for your life like no other. I was so moved by her message of hope it caused me to long for more.

Submitted by Attendee Of Mimi Magerus Event on 12/11/2018