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Paula Webb Recommendations

Submitted by High Desert Church on 05/11/2022

Joanna Franke

On Topic

Paula shared God’s word with great enthusiasm. She has a BIG heart for the Lord and for women. It was a blessing to be recharged to dig into His Word and Bloom where He has planted us!

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Georgia Allen - Women Ministry Leader

We the women at Lighthouse Christian Church were blessed to have Paula come and share with us at our Annual Ladies’ Tea. Paula is an anointed teacher and speaker. She captures your attention and takes you on an amazing journey in God word. God has chosen her to encouragement and build women up in the body of Christ.

Submitted by Lighthouse Christian Church on 06/06/2022

Tish Jara- Worship Leader

Paula’s heart to serve Christ’s Church is so organic!! Her enthusiasm to share Christ’s love is contagious and it is so encouraging to see her humble obedience as she shares The Word of God!!

Submitted by High Desert Church on 05/25/2022

Lauren Feindel Women’s Director

I have had the privilege of hearing Paula Webb speak many times, most recently we had her as our retreat speaker. Paula has an infectious zeal for the Lord. She’s a very engaging speaker, women stay focused the all through her message. She does an amazing job of making sure that she gets a grasp of the women she is speaking too, I love that she quickly got to know women from our church while speaking at the retreat. I loved that she would weave that into her message. So many of our women were moved by her words and encouragement of intimacy with Jesus. They left the retreat truly changed!

Submitted by Anthem Church on 05/23/2022

Margie Scholte

Paula is a dynamic speaker who radiates Jesus! She is full of life, love and laughter. Paula geniunely desires to connect with each attendee. She shares and models practical ways to grow closer to Jesus. Her enthusiastic encouragement for fellow sisters in Christ is contagious. Her message and prayers will not only challenge you but fill you up, knowing you are loved, chosen and able to do all things in Christ.

Submitted by Anthem Church on 05/09/2022

Jeni Henry

Paula has a beautiful way of sharing with other, how to draw closer to Jesus.
I admire her authenticity and how approachable she is.
She is quite an incredible lady!

Submitted by Anthem on 05/06/2022

Jessica Filpi - Women's Retreat Team

Paula is an energetic, dynamic, funny, honest & engaging speaker who is passionate about building women up and sharing the love and hope found in Jesus with them. She cares deeply for every woman in the room and her messages are authentic, spirit-filled and full of hope and truth.

Submitted by Anthem Church on 05/04/2022

Melia Crousore, Sales

Paula has a love for the Lord that exudes out of every cell of her body! Her knowledge of scripture and how to make sense of it to all people of all stages of a Christianity is amazing. Most importantly she relatable, transparent, and real. Her energy and joy are contagious!

Submitted by Self Employed on 05/03/2022

Marissa Cocores & Retreat Attendee

Paula Webb is such a blessing. Her love for Jesus is infectious! She goes deep and challenges women to go further in their walk with the Lord, but balances it with humor and humility. Paula is relatable and fun. I've seen her speak a number of times and I always leave encouraged to keep my eyes on the Lord. Love this lady!

Submitted by Anthem Church on 05/03/2022

Sharon Landis

I have had the privilege of learning from and growing in my walk with the Lord several times as a result of hearing Paula teach. The way she applies her solid grasp of Scripture alongside the the ups and downs of life points to a loving, merciful and generous Father Who "never leaves nor forsakes us," Paula's messages bring hope in Christ to a broken and hurting world. I always leave with inspiration and motivation to apply the lessons and practical tools to my days. Paula's intense love of Christ and love of others, especially women, is truly a blessing to all who avail themselves of it!

Submitted by Anthem Church on 05/02/2022

Laura C

Amazing and life changing experience!! Paula is incredible and gets you places without making it all about me! What an incredible voice for the Lord!

Submitted by Christ Lutheran Retreat on 03/26/2022

Cindy Warner

Paula is passionate about God's Word and teaches and shares it in a way that is engaging and accessible. She helps women feel seen, heard, and loved by the Lord and gets them excited to dive more deeply into relationship with Him through His Word. She is a treasure and will bless all who are fortunate enough to hear her teach.

Submitted by North Coast Church on 03/22/2022

Stephanie shields


Submitted by Christ Lutheran on 03/21/2022

Katherine Struble

Excellent speaker who is creative, engaging, while she draws a beautiful verbal picture of an opportunity available in Christ.
Factually correct, Spirit led while mature in the complications unique to His Word, Will, Ways, Worship, Wisdom and Wonder. Very friendly, good listener, not criticizing in personal conversation. Greeted many personally.
Thanks Paula!

Submitted by Christ Lutheran Church on 03/19/2022

Rita Lehigh

God bless you, Paula. The first thing that stood out in my mind about this retreat weekend with you was how you validated Kim Detken on the last night. It not only showed your spiritual maturity, but it demonstrated Christian women building each other up which is so important for us to see.
You don’t know how many times I’ve used your visual of the dog collar this week! From trying not to compare myself others, to lifting my( chin and ) eyes up to God when my flaws had brought me down. I so appreciate the reminder!
Most importantly, my biggest take away was to get into God‘s word daily! I picked up a SOAP journal from Kim a few months back and had only made three entries before this week. As I told Kim, upon returning from the retreat I’m committed to studying God‘s word, praying, and sitting in solitude with him for more hours a day than I watch TV.
May God continue to make you a blessing to others.

Submitted by Christ Lutheran Church on 03/19/2022

Liz Malone

Just what we needed. She was great. We came away from our retreat with a renewed fire to be all in with Hids plan for us

Submitted by Christ Lutheran Church on 03/19/2022

Kim Detken- Women's Ministry

Paula is very easy to work with and LOVES the Lord!!! She is attentive to your goals and helps you achieve them. Paula has a love for women and desire to help them grow deeper in their relationship with Christ. She is a team player and I wouldn't even hesitate to invite her to speak at your next event.

Submitted by Christ Lutheran on 03/19/2022

Matt Mizell

Paula is a beautiful blend of energy, truth, compassion, and excitement! God has given her an amazing ability to take His Word and make it come alive in practical ways that are applicable across generational lines.

Submitted by Pinon Hills Community Church on 02/24/2022

Genie Squires, Co-Leader, Women's Ministry Team

This beautiful sister spoke at our Women's Christmas Tea/Luncheon on 12/4/2021 and shared her most inspiring testimony. There wasn't a sound to be heard, nor a stir, as all of us women sat, riveted, listening to her and truly feeling her love of the Lord reaching out and touching each one of us. She spoke of the importance of being unified as a people in Christ and how, we, as women in Christ, need to uplift one another and learn from one another. She was truly motivating and her words moved me to want to do more for the women of East Hills and all the women I will encounter, by preparing and strengthening myself in the word at all times so that I, too, can be of help to those that need it. I have no doubt that my meeting Paula has enriched my spiritual life in so many wonderful ways! I pray to be able to work with her again in the future! God bless you, Paula! ♥

Submitted by East Hills Community Church, Riverside, Ca on 12/14/2021

Rhonda Henderson / Women’s Ministry Director

Paula is an awesome speaker! Such a Godly woman and pastor. It was a honor to have her as part of our Christmas Luncheon. I highly recommend her to speak at your event as well!!

Submitted by East Hills Community Church on 12/09/2021

Chase Feindel

Paula is a dynamic communicator whose love for God's Word is unrivaled. When she speaks, you better buckle up! You are going to be moved and inspired as she invites you to a deeper walk with Jesus.

Submitted by Anthem Church on 11/19/2021

Christie Jr. High leader and parent

My daughter and I had the privilege to hear, as well as meet, Paula, at a women’s event at our home church. Paula is an exceptionally gifted speaker for the Lord. She is very passionate about “Splishing & Splashing” Jesus on each and every one she comes in contact with through the gospel. She is not only welcoming, with her beautiful sweet smile, but she is friendly, warm, personable, encouraging, funny & bold as she brings the message of Christ both on stage as well as off stage. She has a way of bringing the Word, capturing your attention as if your sitting right across from her and not in a seat rows away, having a real raw conversation about life and encouraging you with the Word and how it’s applicable. Paula is transparent, relatable, authentic, and engaging with her audience, which makes her a perfect speaker for women of all ages. I highly recommend Paula for your next women’s event.

Submitted by Ncc on 05/19/2021

Lyn Anderson, Life Group Pastor of Women’s Groups

Paula’s clear gifting and anointing of the Holy Spirit for teaching scripture is undeniable. Her authentic and relatable presence is unmatched in the field of women’s teachers and preachers. She has a unique ability to capture an audience of any size, small to large, and make you feel like she’s having a personal conversation with just you. Her tone is humble, her wit is on point, and most importantly her sharp precision of God’s holiness and scripture is what sets her apart. Truly and honestly, Paula is a woman who can bring truth, love and understanding through a microphone, walk off the stage, and wrap her arms around the unseen women in a room and pray over them with the same passion and grace she presented on stage. She is a pastor at heart with a deep deep love for the women of the global church and developing leaders. I’ve witnessed it over the last year weekly in bible study, asking her her speak a few times on teams on various topics online and in person. Amazing presences!

Submitted by North Coast Church, San Marcos/ Escondido Campus on 06/16/2020