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Muriel Gladney Recommendations

Submitted by PJC Media Network on 08/05/2022

Parker J Cole

On Topic

Ms. Gladney is an excellent speaker. She has a very crisp voice and personable attitude. With an earnest approach, she can tackle the subject without burdening the audience with empty rhetoric. Educated and down-to-earth, Ms. Gladney capable of teaching and connecting with the audience. I've had the pleasure of meeting her in person and she has an open spirit and a friendly attitude.

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Gwen Madison

I had the privilege of hearing Muriel Gladney speak at our Church Women’s annual meeting! She was a dynamic speaker. I was amazed by her journey from atheism to witnessing for Jesus. As I listened to her inspiring storytelling, I laughed, cried, and laughed some more! She is witty, intuitive and extremely entertaining as she spoke about how God is unchanged from His biblical promises to come for the lost.

Submitted by Lifeway Ministry Concierge Leader on 06/24/2019

Rev. Linda C. Trisla, President and CEO

I am the President and CEO of It's Beginning to Rain Ministries and host of the It's Beginning to Rain television Christian talk show. Muriel was an invited guest on my show in 2016, and I found her to be engaging and comfortable in front of the TV camera. Her journey from being a dead-set atheist to a more than sold-out follower of Jesus Christ was compelling, heartfelt and honest. I highly recommend Muriel Gladney to you without reservation.

Submitted by It's Beginning To Rain Ministries, Inc. on 02/22/2018