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Jessica Grimes

I highly recommend Patty Scott as a dynamic, spirit-filled speaker. Listening to her is akin to being soaked in God's love--such is her obvious devotion to God that her light emanates through her and her words. As a student of Dallas Willard and expert in counseling, Patty distills challenging concepts into digestible pieces that one can return to and reflect. I have had the privilege of hearing her speak on a variety of topics, all equally impactful. She's prepared, organized, engaging, knowledgeable, and sensitive. Patty doesn't just reveal God's heart; she also leaves you with practical strategies for increasing intimacy with God.

Submitted by The Oaks Community Church on Thursday, Nov 23, 2017

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Kathy Summers

Patty is an engaging inspirational speaker whose messages are full of her love for Jesus. She knows how to connect with an audience and her transparency empowers her topics with genuineness.

Submitted by Redeemed Hearts Ministries on Sunday, Dec 10, 2017