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Tarran Deane Recommendations

Submitted by Newlife Uniting Church on Friday, Oct 30, 2015

Alan Banks, Director

On Topic

Our audience responses are overwhelmingly positive every time Tarran speaks. Her commitment to detailed preparation is very evident as revealed in imaginative, humorous, thoughtful and practical presentations. Tarran adds to our standard of excellence in all we do

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Pastor Sandra Dumas

Tarran is a whip-smart, top class and professional conference speaker who adds significant value in her area of expertise. Her presentations are crafted, personalized and thought-provoking; touching each audience member and forcing them to confront their own attitudes to their future leadership development.

Submitted by Ganggalah Church on Wednesday, Nov 07, 2018

Janine Allen, Senior Pastor

Tarran delivered on the topic of ""Renewing the Mind"". Tarran was terrific and recieved positive feedback of her delivery methods. Tarran provided the participants with an extensive overview of the subject and an additional workbook resource for self paced development. Tarran is a ""Straight Talker"" who is well regarded by our leadership team"

Submitted by Hope Church Australia on Friday, Oct 30, 2015

Natalie & Ric Kelso

Tarran has the ability to impart a powerful and positive message in an inspiring way. A competent communicator she knows her audience and can deliver an encouraging and relevant presentation. She achieves this not only with a large or small intimate audience but also especially with one on one personal relationships. You always walk away from a conversation with Tarran feeling built up, empowered with a sense of self confidence

Submitted by Natalie & Ric Kelso on Friday, Oct 30, 2015