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Latasha Treviño Recommendations

Submitted by Non Profit on 05/24/2023

Jillian Palmer Executive Director

On Topic

Latasha Trevino, is a powerful woman of God. I met her at the Jesus walk, and she poured into me in a way that has pushed me to step out in faith, and to become who God has called me to become. She motivates you as well as guiding you to see who you are in Christ Jesus. She’s a friend and a sister in Christ and I’m blessed to have her in my life.
She truly allows the Holy Spirit to use her. She is the definition of a vessel. Blessings come from just knowing her and allowing the presence of God to take over while you’re in her presence.

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Julie Cocioba

Tasha is a wonderful amazing intelligent woman’s leader she loves to encourage anyone who comes in her path. Tasha brings light and joy and love into any room she walks into, she is beyond trustworthy and has such a beautiful heart. she is always a reasonable person. she’s so kind and thoughtful she is an amazing person to be around and to work with she is a fantastic speaker, but also is so humble and genuine I trust with with everything, she won’t let you down.

Submitted by Women’s Leader on 02/14/2024

Shavonna Green, MSW

Pastor Treviño El-Amin is an inspiration to many young women who seek to impact the kingdom and this world with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. She is relatable, authentic, and incredibly BOLD. I first had the opportunity to hear Pastor Treviño El-Amin minister at a city wide prayer in East Lansing. She has continued to impact her locality and the nation with revelation and insight into the mysteries of God. It is a blessing to know her! 

Submitted by Michigan State University on 10/31/2023

Lailah Dixon

Pastor Tasha is very passionate and driven when it comes to ministry! Her positive high energy makes her a great speaker. She’s always looking to engage and relate to those whom she speaks to, and you can tell that she reaches out to people because she genuinely cares to help others.

Submitted by Speaking/ministry on 08/23/2023

Robyn Ledesma - Executive Secretary

Tasha loves the Lord and you can tell by her faith, her commitment and tenacity when it come to the things of the Lord. She doesn’t run when things get difficult. She bears down and walks thru with confidence that the Father is always by her side. I love this young lady and I admire her love for the Lord!
She is a great speaker and delivers the word with confidence!

Submitted by State Of Michigan on 06/16/2023

Shelby J Williams

In a world filled with uncertainty and fear, it is refreshing to find someone that can encourage you and support you to move into the unknown with grace and confidence. Ms. Trevino is an amazing and powerful woman, and what I described she did for me. She is committed to empowering people to overcome their fears, to reach beyond their comfort zones, and believe in themselves. A phenomenal listener and teacher, Ms. Trevino is the epitome of professionalism and she knows how to reach you wherever you are - mentally, emotionally, spiritually. A genuine, true, and beautiful person inside and out, and when you come into her presence, you will leave believing nothing is impossible.

Submitted by S. J Williams Group Llc on 06/11/2023

Katherine Cardona President and Financial Advisor for Christian Entrepreneurs

Pastor Tasha Treviño is an excellent woman who exhibits exemplary attributes of a Kingdom Leader both in Ministry and in business. She has a heart of Gold, always willing to go above and beyond expectations and extending and showing compassion towards others, especially young women. Her altruistic nature is exhibited when, recently, she put together a fund raiser for a young lady she is currently mentoring and helped her have her dream prom experience, one that the young lady could not afford had it not been for Pastor Tasha’s intervention. She is an exceptional speaker and on many occasions has positively impacted my life with her words of wisdom. She has a vibrant personality, she is bold, courageous and fierce, yet, gentle, loving, kind and humble. She is extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in biblical studies and she yields the word of God like a sword, cutting through bone and marrow. I admire her tenacity and ability to rise above all challenges, regardless of the outcomes. 

Submitted by Cathy Cardona, Inc And Sis, You’re Next, Llc on 06/08/2023

Nikki Shuptar

Tasha is a wonderful woman of God. She loves people and is passionate about helping people heal and become whole through the Good News of Jesus Christ and the power of his Spirit. Tasha is relatable and discerning and genuinely cares about the people she is ministering to. 

Submitted by Mason Ladies Bible Study on 05/29/2023

Kaleyah Williams, CEO of House of ARONE

I am honored to be writing a recommendation for Ms. Treviño who I have known personally for several years. She serves as a prodigious mentor to myself and other young adults exercising prolific leadership in the field of ministry. Throughout the duration of my relationship with Ms. Treviño she has helped me overcome adversity with words of wisdom and a spirit of encouragement. Ms. Treviño is highly dedicated to uplifting those around her and has a work ethic that is beyond measure. A valuable asset to this world, she exercises selflessness in being personally responsible in empowering others through scripture and her own testimonies, and is relentless in pursuing purpose for the greater good. A leader who excels in envisioning the future, Ms. Treviño's keen intellect in ministry will surely add favor to any endeavor she sets her sights on. I am honored, privileged, and thankful to call her my friend, my mentor, and spiritual advisor.

Submitted by House Of Arone, Llc on 05/23/2023

Magda Walker

I have had the pleasure and honor to attend various conferences, led by pastor, Tasha Trevino. It is so special to witness an anointed spirit filled and on fire for God today.  
What an awesome gift she has been given. 
The Holy Spirit uses her to bring prophetic messages and powerful prayers.
She is also a wonderful teacher, Mentor, and counselor. From laughter to tears, the word of God will touch your soul. 
Her message is simple, one of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ, his love for us, like no other, and the forgiveness of sins. 
Pastor Tasha is original and uniquely made by God.  After hearing her, you will definitely live different than the way you came in.

Submitted by Retired on 05/21/2023

Savannah Dottery

Pastor Tasha has been a light in my life for 23 years now. Her spirit is so uplifting, loving, and powerful. She would give you the shirt off her back if needed. My family and I are so blessed to have her in our lives. She’s always kept us lifted in prayer and I’m so grateful for her love and support! Anyone in her presence should know they are blessed ????????❤️

Submitted by Vannahsvision Llc on 05/21/2023

Tara Holman

I met Tasha during a difficult time in my life. I Immediately gravitated to her light and soft, healing soul. Tasha not only helped pull me out of a tough time, but also reconnected me back with my faith. My family and I attended her services when we visited Michigan. My entire family, including my 7 year old LOVED every min of hearing her her speak. She is engaging, real and motivating. Tasha was my light at the end of the tunnel. 

Submitted by Independent Contractor on 05/21/2023

Stephanie Durbin, observer

Latasha is incredibly engaging, knowledgeable and passionate.

Submitted by N/a on 05/21/2023

Charese Horn - Owner

I met Pastor Tasha years ago at a difficult yet pivotal point in my life. I'll say this so that i am not long winded. You want people that can go to war with you and for you, not just physically. But more important, spiritually.....a warrior. That's who and what you get with Pastor Tasha.

Submitted by Yay Fit on 05/20/2023

Lisa Fisher, Speaker|Trainer|Coach

Latasha Trevino has a presence that fills the room with energy when she enters. Her passion for Jesus radiates from the moment you meet her. Where ever she goes she leaves a footprint and will move you to take action.

Submitted by Lisa Fisher Associates on 05/20/2023

Teonna Clay Youth Leader

Excellent speaker and motivator, authentic. Genuine and relatable.

Submitted by Witm on 05/19/2023

Mrs. Amanda Mack

Tasha always has an inspiring testimony that is relevant with todays challenges.  She knows just what to say when someone needs an encouraging and guiding word. 

Submitted by Dish Network on 05/19/2023

Claudia Cocioba

Beautiful soul Women ever met , encouraging helps so many people spiritually especially youth helped me kids . They adore her she understands works one on one to help them in their everyday lives. We love , enjoys her sermons , preaching, warrior prayer , Godly lady Trust in the Lord he Got you ????????????  definitely reach out at her she is one of a kind and Angel sent from heaven. 

Submitted by Caregiver on 05/19/2023

Devon Duke

Pastor Treviño has always been instrumental in her her teaching, guidance and most importantly her listening ear. She can explain important topics, with real world examples and is very relatable to all ages and communities. Whenever she speaks we listen!! I am very grateful that I am able to reach out to her for guidance in my spiritual journey.  

Submitted by Veteran on 05/19/2023

Barbara Perpignan President/CEO

Latasha is a dynamic speaker with quite a story to tell. She has persevered through many obstacles and continues to flourish! Her determination and love for God are unmatched and I highly recommend her for any speaking engagements! From speaking to families to teaching the word of God, Latasha is exceptionally gifted and a joy to listen to! I see nothing but brightness in her….God Bless you! 

Submitted by Barbwire Vip on 05/19/2023

Nekeyta Brunson

I saw Tasha at an empowering conference and loved her spicy energy and love for the Lord. Shes passionate and humble. Very engaging.

Submitted by Nekeyta Brunson on 05/19/2023

Marta Lopez

I had Tasha speak at an event. She was fabulous. The crowd was so engaged - All ages ! She had them crying and laughing. Afterwards everyone was asking me for her contact information. She did an amazing and I would definitely recommend her. 

Submitted by Ata on 05/19/2023

Kendra Hopf

Tasha is such a captivating Christian Woman and speaker!!! She is REAL, authentic to the core, and MOVING!!! I absolutely love listening to her sermons and following her journey with her ministry she is buidling.

Submitted by Ogk Candle Collection on 05/18/2023

Jesenia Santiago

Tasha is such an amazing woman she was there for me and my daughter when we needed it the most and help to to connect with god and get out of a horrible depression and we are truly blessed and thankful for her

Submitted by I Don’t Have One on 05/18/2023

Alaina Atwood

Great speaker. She has Genuine love for people and speaking life into women. She is passionate for what God has called her to do. Definitely felt his presence. 

Submitted by Elohx Copyright on 05/18/2023

Gina Rodriguez

I have had the pleasure of connecting with Tasha while she was here in Michigan. She has been a huge part of my growth personally and professionally. Tasha has a way of speaking that can resonate with anyone. She helped me feel confident enough to make business decisions. Most importantly, although she is a Pastor, she has never judged me. She will always provide guidance based on the word, but never made me feel less than for some of the choices I have made in my life. She is incredible. 

Submitted by Gina Alexis Aesthetics on 05/18/2023

Shamika Ashford - Administrative Assistant

Latasha is an amazing woman leader. She has been counseling me since January 2023. She has been giving me the necessary biblical tools to navigate through my divorce. Every session is aligned with the Bible and she helps me to understand each scripture. She makes me dig deep within myself to seek spiritual understanding in every session. She holds me accountable for my actions. I would recommend her to anyone.

Submitted by Hope Network on 05/18/2023